Revolutionary War News is an edited review of hand-picked news and articles related to American War of Independence 1775-1783.

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Latest hand-picked Revolutionary War news.

Kettle Creek dig providing new insights into 1779 battle
An archaeological project in Wilkes County has opened a window to the early years of the American Revolutionary War - and it`s not exactly the way the history books depict it.

Tours along the Freedom Trail in Boston
"People come from all over the world to walk the trail... I also have a blast with the school groups," explains tour guide Elissa Forsythe, about the revolutionary war tour in the heart of urban Boston.

Revolutionary War research about the Siege of Savannah
Coastal Heritage Society archaeologists went to great lengths to find information about the 1779 Siege of Savannah and the digging for artifacts began months before archaeologists began their field work.

Revolutionary War's sacred ground stands neglected
Floods. A junkyard. A pizza joint. Is this any way to treat the sacred grounds of the Revolutionary WAr? Of course not. But this is life at New Bridge Landing Park in River Edge.

Preservationists pay $8 million to conserve Revolutionary War site   (Article no longer available from the original source)
The Brandywine Conservancy announced the purchase of the 100-acre Skirmish Hill Farm in Chester County. The sale ends a 2-decade struggle to save the site, which saw some of the bloodiest hand-to-hand combat of the American Revolution.

Archaeologists looking for treasurers of Revolutionary War hero Francis Marion
Hideouts used by Francis Marion - who was known as the Swamp Fox for hiding in Lowcountry bogs while organizing raids - are still a mystery. But now archaeologists are exploring one site where Marion may have spent time in 1780.

Valley Forge to bring Washington's headquarters back to life
George Washington`s headquarters may be the most important site at Valley Forge National Historical Park. Unfortunately the building is hidden in an uninspiring setting, but now authorities are changing the way visitors experience it.

Community input sought to save Revolutionary War battlefield
"The Battle of Eutaw Springs, on Sept. 8, 1781, between Gen. Nathaniel Greene and Col. Alexander Stuart, broke the British power in the Southern states and contributed to the Yorktown victory one month later." The Palmetto Conservation Foundation has a grant from the American Battlefield Protection Program. The goals are to determine the boundaries of the battlefield and to develop a preservation plan. The Battle of Eutaw Springs was one of the bloodiest battles of the war, and most Southern leaders fought at the battle. Congress authorized only 4 gold medals during the Revolutionary War, and one of them was at the Battle of Eutaw Springs.

Archaeologist follows Revolutionary War hero Swamp Fox
Archaeologist Steve Smith is trying to find sites in the Pee Dee associated with Francis Marion to help create a Francis Marion Trail. Smith has spent the past months in the heart of Marion's early campaigns. He is working with the Francis Marion Trail Commission to determine which sites need further work for development for the new trail being created to honor the Revolutionary War hero nicknamed the Swamp Fox. Smith has been in the Port's Ferry area, where he said he has found several artifacts, including a side plate from a British Brown Bess Musket, buttons, a colonial period horseshoe and a buckle.