Revolutionary War News is an edited review of hand-picked news and articles related to American War of Independence 1775-1783.

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Latest hand-picked Revolutionary War news.

Forgotten Patriots: African American and American Indian Patriots in the Revolutionary War
Details about American Indian and African American patriots` revolutionary war service, including names, states, service background, etc.

Battle of Olentangy: women, children slaughtered by American troops
While the Battle of Olentangy was between American volunteers and Native Americans supported by British troops, it`s causes go back to a case of misjustice in western Pennsylvania.

Revolutionary War-era Natives didn't wear feathers, use bows
People who think that Revolutionary War-era Native Americans shot bows and arrows at General George Washington's soldiers or wore nothing but feathers are way off the mark. So says Colonel James McHenry, played by Park Ranger Eric Olsen. He gives tours of the historic Mansion that headquartered Washington during parts of the Revolutionary War by weaving in stories about how different ethnic groups contributed to or against the cause of gaining independence from the British. The time was April 1780, and Washington's men were having trouble with the "savages," many of whom were siding with the British.

Why did Indians and British loyalists burn Hanna's Town in 1782
So why did Indians and British loyalists attack and burn Hanna's Town in 1782? Daniel Barr, author of "Unconquered: The Iroquois League at War in Colonial America, the Hanna's Town Raid of 1782: A Native Perspective," said there were three reasons. (1) The Indians wanted revenge for the attacks that leveled their communities. (2) They wanted to prove they were still a mighty fighting force. (3) It served as warning to their British allies not to sell them out to colonists. "The British gave away a lot of land that wasn't theirs to give."