Revolutionary War News is an edited review of hand-picked news and articles related to American War of Independence 1775-1783.

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Memorabilia and Militaria

Latest hand-picked Revolutionary War news.

Richard Alexander has the biggest Revolutionary War militaria collection In West   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Richard Alexander owns a huge collection of revolutionary-era memorabilia and militaria - his most memorable pieces were created by John Trumble, who painted locket paintings.

Auction of rare medal depicting an eagle, George Washington Relic
An ornate gold medal depicting an eagle - commissioned by George Washington as a symbol of the ideals of the American Revolutionary War and presented to the Marquis de Lafayette - is to be sold at auction. Estimated price: $10 million.

Curious History of the Purple Heart medal - The Badge of Military Merit
The PUrple Heart medal is the oldest military decoration still in use in the world, having been created by General George Washington at a moment when he feared losing his army to revolt.

Archaeologists looking for treasurers of Revolutionary War hero Francis Marion
Hideouts used by Francis Marion - who was known as the Swamp Fox for hiding in Lowcountry bogs while organizing raids - are still a mystery. But now archaeologists are exploring one site where Marion may have spent time in 1780.

Revolutionary War Relics help historians trace soldiers' footsteps   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Relic hunter and memorabilia collector Tim Thompson wishes his treasures - cannon balls, musket balls, bayonet and uniform buttons - could talk about the Battle of Guilford Courthouse.

Missing piece of George Washington's war tent is found
For nearly a century, an oval-shape tent where George Washington may have slept during the war sat on display in Valley Forge with a hole. Now the missing piece of fabric - most likely seized by a memorabilia seeker - has been discovered.

Rare copies of three Revolutionary War-era documents lost
Rare copies of 3 Revolutionary War-era documents that formed the basis for the Constitution have vanished and are presumed lost or stolen after they were mailed to the lawyer for a wealthy Manhattan collector. Dorothy Tapper Goldman filed suit against her lawyer for $1.18 million, claiming he lost her copy of "The Federalist Papers," "The Quartering Act" and "The Address and Reasons of Dissent." The papers were loaned to the National Constitution Center for its opening on July 4, 2003 and returned on April 8, 2005.

Yale posts list of maps missing from its map collection
An early map of Boston that strategically shows the military positions of the Americans during the Revolutionary War is one of the rarities that Yale University has discovered missing from its map collection in a long-awaited inventory. "A Plan of Boston in New England with its Environs," drawn by British loyalist Henry Pelham during the 1775-76 siege of Boston, appears on a list of lost maps that Yale has posted on net to alert map dealers and collectors who might stumble across them. The Pelham map of Boston is worth $100,000.