Revolutionary War News is an edited review of hand-picked news and articles related to American War of Independence 1775-1783.

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Latest hand-picked Revolutionary War news.

US historian discovers 47 copies of Ben Franklin letters
Ben Franklin scholar Alan Houston was on the last day of his overseas research tour when he made the discovery of an historian`s lifetime: 47 copies of never before published Benjamin Franklin letters.

US debt to the French: the greatest naval battle in American waters
Two great fleets, French and British, formed battle lines. And then, out of sight of land, sounds of gunfire rolled across the sea like thunder. This, George Washington stated, was the pivot around which the battle of Yorktown turned.

A harsh fate awaits all collaborators - the fall of Yorktown in 1781
The defeat in the American War of Independence was not a disaster for the 7,000 British soldiers, but for those Americans who had loyally fought with them, it was a catastrophe.

A Great Colonial Escape - New York and Washington
At the start of the revolution, the British made it a priority to take New York, sending the largest fleet any nation had ever sent to a foreign port.

Revolutionary War site tours in New York City
Is there a bus tour that covers Revolutionary War sites in the Big Apple, New York City? --- Well, none, but there are lots of walking tours. The Brits and the Yanks battled hard over the Little Apple. "New York City during the American Revolution was a focus of the war in 1776," says Karen Quinones from Patriot Tours, which focuses in Revolutionary War walking tours in Manhattan. "Both the British and the Colonists fought to occupy New York City, and in August of 1776, one of the largest battles of the war was fought here." Most of the Revolutionary War-era sights can be visited by foot in a day.

What if British had won at Yorktown 1781?
British General Charles Earl Cornwallis' surrender to General George Washington after the siege of Yorktown marked the end of the Revolution's decisive battle and ended the war. But what if the general's roles had been reversed? -- A defeat at Yorktown could have led France to withdraw from the American Revolution. "That would have been catastrophic for the revolutionaries," said history professor Hoffman. Besides providing troops, warships and military expertise, France's jump into the fray brought the British worldwide worries. The British had to start guarding against a French invasion of their country and focus on protecting their other interests.

September 28, 1781: The Beginning of the End
For 6 years, the specter of defeat had dogged General George Washington's every thought. As advantage after advantage slipped away, the coffers dried up, and the most promising general betrayed the Revolution, it looked more and more like He and his motley army would lose their fight for independence. But in September 1781, on a hilltop he had feared he might never see again, Washington could finally breathe a sigh of relief. On Sept 28, 1781 he and his allies would reach Yorktown. There he would score his first - and last - major offensive victory. The siege at Yorktown would win the American Revolution.