Revolutionary War News is an edited review of hand-picked news and articles related to American War of Independence 1775-1783.

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Latest hand-picked Revolutionary War news.

American Insurgents, American Patriots : The Revolution of the People Before Independence (book review)
T. H. Breen changes focus from the Founding Fathers to the everyday people who took part in a resistance that usually goes unnoticed in the Revolution War history books.

Letters reveal British despair during the American War of Independence
Historic letters, which will be auctioned off, reveal the British commanders`s pessimistic views, which contrast dramatically with the out-of-touch communications of George III and his ministers in London.

Teachers learn lesson about South`s role in the American Revolutionary War
With backpacks in tow and cameras in hand, a group of history teachers marched behind Larry Babits along the tour of Cowpens National Battlefield.

Untold truths about the American Revolution
Canada is independent of England and they didn`t fight a revolutionary war, so why do Americans think that they had to fight a bloody revolutionary war?

Prelude to Civil War: Americans slaughtered their countrymen in the Battle of Waxhaws
"In the South, it became common to have Americans against Americans... families divided just as in the later Civil War," says John Ferling, the author of "Almost a Miracle: The American Victory in the War of Independence."

The Revolution From The History Channel - 13 part documentary
The Revolution is a 13-part documentary film series that shows the stories behind America`s struggle for Independence, beginning with the roots of the rebellion and through all the years of the war.

American Creation: Triumphs and Tragedies by Joseph Ellis
Joseph Ellis strikes a balance between laudable achievement and blameworthy failure in America`s founding - The main failures being the survival of slavery and the brutal treatment of American Indians.

Fusiliers: Eight Years with the Redcoats in America by Mark Urban
Fusiliers follows the battle hardened 23rd Regiment during the 8 years of the American War of Independence.

1776: The Illustrated Edition by David McCullough
Historian David McCullough published "1776" in 2005 to great critical acclaim and and financial success. With this illustrated edition, he expands on that crucial year and makes the book a visual treat as well.

South's role in the America`s independence   (Article no longer available from the original source)
While the last major battle of the American Revolutionary War at Yorktown led to Britain`s surrender, it was the battles in the South that weakened British efforts and won independence for the 13 colonies.

Modern Historians Confront the American Revolution
What were the causes of the American Revolution? The older view laid the emphasis on the conflict of constitutional ideas, while the progressive historians added another dimension, economic.

September 28, 1781: The Beginning of the End
For 6 years, the specter of defeat had dogged General George Washington's every thought. As advantage after advantage slipped away, the coffers dried up, and the most promising general betrayed the Revolution, it looked more and more like He and his motley army would lose their fight for independence. But in September 1781, on a hilltop he had feared he might never see again, Washington could finally breathe a sigh of relief. On Sept 28, 1781 he and his allies would reach Yorktown. There he would score his first - and last - major offensive victory. The siege at Yorktown would win the American Revolution.

1776 - a good year for a revolution
1776 by David McCullough. It was a good year for a revolution, 1776. Not that it started well for those traitors to the crown. They fought the legal government of the 13 colonies and, later, on 2 July the Continental Congress took the revolutionary step of voting to "dissolve the connection" with Britain. It was a dangerous move - fighting the most powerful nation on earth. King George was angry. He ordered the insurrection stopped. His choice of commanders, Lord George Germain, thought the rebellion best crushed with a "decisive blow". Now, 236 years later, the early part is myth and history, the glorious Revolution has been forgotten.

The Glorious Cause: A Novel of the American Revolution
The Glorious Cause describes the grand strategy of the english and american generals in the revolutionary war. A map of the major battles does little to reveal what the people who were in charge were thinking. Why did the british spend so much time in capturing new york? Why then move across new jersey to philadelphia, with Washington's army at their heels all the way? Why did Cornwallis allow himself to be bottled up at yorktown? The reader with interest in these tactical mysteries will find the answers, but little else. Jeff shaara has limited talent, but the one thing he does quite well is describing the movements of armies on the march.

Most Revolutionary War battles were staged at New Jersey
During New Jersey's final years as a colony, more Revolutionary War battles and skirmishes were staged there than in any other future state. Yet when Americans hear the story of the Revolution, the role of the Garden State is somewhat "underappreciated." The U.S. House of Representatives recognized the state's often overlooked historical significance, by passing a bill that designates parts of 14 New Jersey counties as the Crossroads of the American Revolution National Heritage Area. The Heritage Area encompasses more than 250 nationally registered Revolutionary War sites.